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Home Loans

When you are purchasing a home how do you know which program is the best option for you? When it comes to home loans there are many options that are available, each program has its advantages and disavantagse. At the ABC Mortgage Company we have been helping home buyers through out the Myrtle Beach area include both Horry and Georgetown Counties decide which home loan options is best for them.
Like every person is different, so is each home loan program. Even if you thought you couldn’t purchase a home because your credit wasn’t perfect, or you just didn’t have enough savings for a substantial down payment, we can help! We have access to home loans that make it possible to own a home.
Here is a quick run down of our most popular mortgage options.
Conventional Loans – These are the most common home loan program. Conventional home loans tend to have the lowest rates. However the financial requirements can be tough for some people to qualify for. You need to have very good credit and have a 20% down payment to qualify. However if you can qualify you can purchase your home for less money since the rates will be the lowest and you are borrowing less because of the higher down payment.
You can learn more about conventional loans here.
FHA Loans – Are government backed loans that were created to give more people the ability to purchase a home. With an FHA loan you can purchase a home for just 3.5% down with less strict qualifications.
You can learn more about FHA loans here.
VA Loans – Are a home loan program that was designed specifically for people who have served or are currently serving in the military. This has some of the best terms of any loan program out there. They tend to have some of the lowest rates, fees, loosest financial requirements and best of all no down payment.
You can learn more about VA loans here.
USDA Loans – Also known as rural housing loans, are a specific home loan program that works in areas that are designated by the USDA as rural. The advantage of this loan is that you can purchase a qualifying property for no money down. The financial requirements are also looser then with conventional loans. This is great for anyone who is planning on living in a rural area.
You can learn more about USDA loans here.
We can also help you see what each home loan option could do for your specific situation. You can get started by using our website
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